Pratt / Fort Greene mapping party

Graduate architecture students at Pratt Institute spent classtime on Wednesday gaining basic tree identification skills and learning both the TreeKIT and Parks protocols. But yesterday, due to the havoc wreaked by the tornado, there was a bit of a scramble as we realized that it was going to be unsafe to walk through Prospect Heights due to all the debris, and we decided to focus on Fort Greene instead. So last night, we set a new mapping area, made six block maps with address labels, and adjusted the spreadsheet to include a field for “damage”. This morning, 12 students as well as professor Alex Barker met up, organized into 3 teams and set out to map the six blocks adjacent to campus.

The weather was great and we had a very successful day, helped along by a lively block party with childrens’ sing-a-longs. We saw only two street trees down in the two by three block swath south of the main campus.

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