The North Star Fund has given City Parks Foundation and its partners 2.5 million dollars to plant hundreds of new street trees throughout Western Queens over the next three years. To get started, we need your help finding all of the curbside trees already growing within the area outlined in pink on this MAP.

With an accurate, up-to-date map of existing trees, we can easily figure out where to plant new trees in the years ahead. But we can’t do it alone. With more than 600 blocks to survey, it’s going to take a massive group effort to map every tree in the area.

That’s where you come in. Throughout the summer of 2011, TreeKIT, NYC Department of Parks and Recreation, and Partnerships for Parks will train volunteers to map the street trees of Western Queens with easy-to-learn tools and techniques. Our Mapping Parties are a great way to explore some of New York City’s most inviting neighborhoods, and it’s always fun to bring along a friend! Mapping parties are just three hours long, though we hope you’ll come back for more.

The field mapping experience couldn’t be simpler. After a brief training session, you’ll work with a partner to collect some basic data about street trees on a specific batch of blocks. No previous mapping experience is necessary; you’ll be taught to work with a rolling tape measure, identify tree species, and log data on a paper worksheet. After three hours, you’ll pack up your kit, drop it off along with your completed worksheets, and get back to your weekend!

To book a weekend volunteer shift, fill out this quick CONTACT FORM and we’ll be in touch to schedule a mapping session with you. Weekend sessions begin on April 30 and end in late July. If you’re interested in learning to map during a weekday, contact us directly to set up a one-on-one training.