Our Tool Kit

Field Worksheets – It’s true. TreeKIT loves technology. But that doesn’t keep us from using the right tool for the job, even when that tool may seem a little outdated. For example, when we’re out in the field measuring and mapping trees, we rely on good, old-fashioned pen and paper to keep track of our work. It’s cheap, reliable, and easy to use. Download a copy of our Field Worksheet and see for yourself.

Tree ID Guides – Sure, most city dwellers don’t know how to tell a pin oak from a honeylocust. That doesn’t mean you can’t learn to identify different tree species – especially if you’ve got a little help. There are a lot of great tree ID guides on the market, though we particularly love the ones that are free, easy to use, and specific to the trees you’ll find on New York City Streets. Luckily, the NYC Department of Parks and Recreation cooked up a lovely visual guide that you can print at home and fold into your pocket. 

At the other end of the technological spectrum, some TreeKIT volunteers are using smart phone applications to identify tree species out in the field. We’re big fans of Leafsnap, an iPhone app with a beautiful library of leaf, twig, and bark images that make species ID… well, a snap! And if that weren’t enough, you can use Leafsnap to take a photo of a mystery leaf and generate a list of possible species matches. Botanical nomenclature has never been easier.